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Family Lawyer in Barnstable County, MD

Our practice areas include wills and trusts, probate, trusts administration, divorce, and much more. We are experts in Massachusetts law and will help you with the family law services you need. Changes to the family structure can be challenging to navigate, but we’re here to help you with all the legal aspects. We can assist with long-term care and MassHealth, probate and trust administration, and so much more. Learn more about our areas of practice and get in touch with us to schedule your free consultation.


Our Family Law Services

Here at The Law Office of Chantal Hayes Rice, Esq., we’re proud to offer legal services for residents of Barnstable County. Our practice areas include the following:

  • Long-Term Care & MassHealth – We work with families who need to create a plan for the long-term care of their loved ones. Common options for long-term care include living at home, living with another family member, assisted living, or living in a nursing home. Our law firm can help you with MassHealth and how to plan for the cost of long-term care.
  • Wills & Trusts Planning – Our lawyers are here to assist with estate plans, including the last will, revocable living trusts, children’s trusts, trusts for estate tax planning, special needs trusts, health care proxies, living wills, durable general powers of attorney, and guardianship and conservatorships.
  • Probate & Trust Administration – If you need a probate attorney, you’re in the right place. We assist with streamlining probate and trust administration. We will help you choose the right type of probate, including voluntary probate, informal probate, or formal probate.
  • Family Law, Divorce, & Mediation – Our legal team can help you have a divorce that’s not destructive for your family. We offer mediation services, collaborative law, and personal legal representation. Our practice areas include arbitration, limited assistance representation, parenting coordination, premarital agreements, guardianship, real estate, and more.


Why Choose Us?

We know you have options when it comes to family lawyers in MA. The Law Office of Chantal Hayes Rice, Esq. is here for you when you need a little outside help with family matters. We strive to offer all-encompassing legal counsel for any situation you may find yourself in. Chantal Hayes Rice, Esq. is a proud Cape Cod native with some 20 years of experience. She and her team provide expertise in numerous practice areas, including estate planning, long-term care, and MassHealth planning, wills and trusts planning, probate and trust administration, and family law, divorce, and mediation. Our law firm does not charge by the hour. Instead, we charge a more affordable flat rate for select legal services.


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Our law firm would be happy to offer you a free consultation to find out how we can best help you. We will address your questions and concerns and determine which of our legal services and practice areas would benefit you the most. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.