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Long-Term Care Planning in Barnstable County, MA

Taking Care of Our Clients in the Long Term 

Throughout our lives, it seems we're constantly told to plan for the future. While there's nothing wrong with a little spontaneity, planning for long-term care after retirement is essential. Whether you're looking ahead for yourself or planning for a loved one, the Law Office of Chantal Hayes Rice, Esq. is here for you. We understand the costs of assisted living and nursing homes can quickly break the bank. Our team in Barnstable County, MA will work with you to plan for long-term care and ensure your loved one has the funds to enjoy their golden years. We'll account for a wide variety of factors, including the client's marital status, income, military service, overall health, and much more.  


What Is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care is an umbrella term that may include several different services designed to optimize a person's health. We often think of long-term care associated with old age, but younger individuals may need it as well. In general, think of long-term care services as resources to help people live as independently as possible, even when they may no longer have the ability to do everything on their own. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are popular examples of long-term care communities.  

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Common Options for Long-Term Care

Fortunately, you and your loved one have plenty of options when it comes to long-term care. The Law Office of Chantal Hayes Rice, Esq. is here to ensure you understand the many choices you'll encounter as you help your elderly loved one make this important decision. Consider these options as you create your plan:  

Options for Long Term Care in Barnstable County


If your loved one has the proper resources inside their own home, there's nothing wrong with staying put. You may want to consider private healthcare services if you or another family member cannot assist. 

Long Term Care Choices in Barnstable County

Another Family Member:

Moving in with a family member who can provide care is an excellent way to retain the feeling of living at home without being alone. This is an especially attractive option if a family member has a guest house or in-law apartment to make the elderly person feel welcome. Keep in mind, this solution may not work indefinitely. 

Assisted Living Facility & Long Term Care Options in Barnstable County

Assisted Living:

Assisted living is a top choice for many elderly people, as it allows them to retain much of their independence. Although residents can go about their daily activities unsupervised, they always have help on hand for medication management, transportation, housekeeping, and much more. 

Nursing Home Transition & Long Term Care Options in Barnstable County

Nursing home:

If your loved one needs more intensive, round-the-clock care, a nursing home is your best option. Those struggling with Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, or another serious condition may require comprehensive care only provided at nursing homes. 

How to Plan for the Cost of Long-Term Care

Unfortunately, long-term care financial planning can be a hassle. Many of the above options are expensive, and there are several costs your loved one will incur that you may not have considered. However, the Law Office of Chantal Hayes Rice, Esq. can help you through this complex process. We will walk you through long-term care insurance, which covers services and resources associated with the care options previously discussed. Our team will also help you apply for federal and military benefits to ensure you get all the funding to which you're entitled. Allow us to simplify your loved one's golden years with exceptional care planning.  

Learn More About MassHealth Planning

Planning for MassHealth coverage, or Medicaid planning can be just as complicated as choosing a long-term care option. Our team will explain the conditions for coverage under MassHealth and how you can get a head start through proper planning. This type of coverage comes with lots of specific rules. For example, nursing home applicants may have a maximum of $2,000 in assets at the time of application, and their spouse may only keep up to $128,640 worth of assets. Regulations surrounding MassHealth trusts can also be confusing. Your best bet is to look to a professional attorney to help you and your loved one navigate these complex restrictions.

Why Barnstable County Chooses Us

The Law Office of Chantal Hayes Rice, Esq. is trusted throughout the area for a wide array of expertise. Because our attorney has years of experience with estate planning, she is uniquely positioned to help you and your loved one secure your future. We realize the challenges that come with moving into a nursing home, so we always act with compassion and understanding. Allow our friendly team of professionals to help you or an elderly loved one make the most of long-term care.